K.W.Doggett Chill Board Promotion


It’s not every day that we get to be the target audience for our own work. As designers, we know how K.W.Doggett Fine Paper’s specialty boards can lead to a great creative outcome.

For this project, our brief was to demonstrate just that. The task was to put the paper through its paces, demonstrate the capabilities of its technical specs, while creating something designers would love and admire.

As most designers, including ourselves, are into great packaging, we developed a series of stackable boxes, each one containing a different flavoured fortune cookie, along with quirky sayings related to the paper stock.

The result was beautiful, colourful and functional – in fact, good enough to keep. Except for the fortune cookies which, after delivering their tasty message, tended to disappear.

This collaboration with K.W. Doggett received a fantastic response from both designers and printers while showing the product to complete advantage.

Images courtesy of KW Doggett Fine Paper.

K.W.Doggett Chill Board Promotion
K.W.Doggett Chill Board Promotion

“We needed to create something new and memorable to showcase the product’s end use. Seesaw’s response was educational, fun and functional.”


Work completed: creative direction, copy writing, packaging, promotional items.

K.W.Doggett Chill Board Promotion