Dougal is a new brand from the well-known designer, Arabella Ramsay, which has been created in collaboration with her father, artist Dougal Ramsay.

Arabella applies Dougal’s illustrations to a curated selection of fashion and homewares.

Dougal’s illustrations have a distinctive Australian aesthetic and as such the brand’s positioning and creative should be a natural extension of that. The result is authentic, homely, quirky, contemporary, and with a unique sense of humour. Dinky di. True blue. 

Like the products themselves, the brand was crafted with love and attention to detail. We created a customised sans-serif typeface to convey Dougal’s brand unique personality. Set in lowercase, the Dougal logo is conversational, simple and friendly.  

From the strategy, identity and personality, we then crafted packaging, tags and labels to ensure a consistency across all touch-points. Finally, we designed a robust e-commerce site which allows the brand to be expressed as clearly online as it is offline.

Work completed
– creative direction
– art direction
– project management
– brand strategy
– brand identity
– copy writing
– packaging
– labelling
– social media strategy
– e-commerce
– website design

Dougal Tote Bag
Dougal Packaging
Dougal product tags
Dougal Responsive Website
Dougal Responsive Website
Dougal business cards
Dougal packaging