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The Marsden

The Marsden is the proudly owned by a family who have been pouring beers in New South Wales since 1945.


Sector — Retail
Work  — Strategy, art direction,
packaging, digital, social

PhotographyCricket, Ed Purnomo


Brand Essence

The best pubs have always had a sense of place. At The Marsden, we embrace the West – its diversity, its pride and its pioneering spirit. This is the new heartland.

The Marsden Brewhouse is a newly opened pub in the heart of Marsden Park, Western Sydney. Working alongside Altis Architecture and FCD, were engaged to craft the master brand for this expansive venue which followed extensive stakeholder engagement. The result was a brand which reflects both the local community and the proud family behind The Marsden – a dynasty of publicans determined to create a lasting legacy with this venue.

Following the masterbrand, we then produced a series of individual sub-brands for the various offerings and spaces within: Tonda (a pizzeria), Public House (a sports bar), Parlour (a cocktail lounge), Terrace (a beer garden), and Pavilion (a family dining area). At the heart of the venue is brewery itself – a space where beer lovers can see and learn about their favourite ales made on site with care, craft and commitment – the same qualities which run through every part of this new local institution.

Working in close collaboration with the architectural team from Altis, we rolled out an extensive signage scheme which was incorporated into the many spaces of this venue, beginning with the meticulously crafted inlaid concrete logo at the entrance. Copper and vintage references throughout reflect the industrial character of the brewery and its signature beer vats.

We commissed illustrator Carla McRae to create a number of images to be used across marketing material and signage applications. Drawing on Australian flora and fauna, as well as the diverse local community, these colourful illustrations are now seen in large murals in hallways, bathrooms and the children’s playground.

The showpiece of the The Marsden Brewhouse is the brewery itself. We created a series of illustrative decals which tell the story of how beer is made.

To see further examples of our work in the retail space, get in touch.