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Sector — FMCG, Retail
Work  — Identity, Art Direction, Print, Packaging, Photography, Illustration
PhotographyMike Long
Stylist — Vicki Valsamis
Illustration — Bonnie Eichelberger & James Lake
Strategy & Copywriting — How Communications
3D Visualisation — Concrete Robot



The owners of the successful Australian manufacturer Slendier approached Seesaw to help to reposition their products in what was quickly becoming a crowded supermarket shelf of healthy options.


Moving away from a weight-loss styled brand, the new strategy repositioned Slendier as a premium yet everyday alternative, with a focus on positive vibes over guilt. The new direction would also dial up the artisanal and honest personality of the brand.




The Konjac range is the flagship product of Slendier. It was the first product redeveloped and as such, truly embodies the positivity evident in the brand strategy.

The first step in developing the packaging was to introduce a considered colour palette that aligned closely with the product itself. The box design was then meticulously designed to have a happy ‘smile window’, further enhancing the purity and fun of the brand while showcasing the raw products. Honest. Considered. Kind.

To further enhance the visual brand, we developed a comprehensive badge system that assisted in promoting the health and lifestyle benefits. The boxes were then designed to align with customer behaviours — easily showcasing key information and key dietary requirements identifiers shelf.


The Slendier brand includes a wide range of products from smoothies and pasta sauces to health bars. For these products we introduced quirky illustrations that celebrate both the “positive vibes” positioning and the core ingredients.

As many of the products have small labels the illustrations needed to clearly show the ingredients while maximising visual real estate. The result is a dynamic and honest response.

For the Healthier Bars and Smoothies, the illustrations provide the packaging with a more playful edge. These products were designed to feel at home in a gym bag, which is why we introduced playful layouts while retaining the sophisticated and honest attributes of the overarching brand.


Photography plays a big part in the Slendier brand. We built our photographic compositions around the geometric graphics used in the products, such as the iconic semi-circle. Once again, new colours were introduced which relate closely to the foods.

The crackers are a premium product. We wanted these to feel at home on a table with a bottle of wine, yet also embody the positive and slightly whimsical nature of a party. This led to a suite of surreal still life compositions, balancing the crackers with paired flavours.

The colour palette was matched back to the product but also more neutral than the other product lines. The circular device was incorporated again, in this instance as a curving wall backdrop.

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