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Seesaw +
NH Architecture

A showcase of craft and collaboration



Sector — Architecture & Property
Work  — Strategy, UX/UI, Art Direction, Design



“NH Architecture is a philosophy as much as it is our place of work… A uniquely collaborative way of thinking and promotion of progressive ideas.”

NH Architecture is a leading Australian design studio founded on the principle of collaboration, where architects and designers are united by a commitment to creating outstanding contemporary architecture.

After completing an in-house brand refresh, NHA approached Seesaw to create a new website which would reflect the studio’s philosophy, and which would set a foundation for ease-of-use going forward.

The studio’s existing site was outdated and did not respond to the various devices which visitors used, with images appearing as small on desktops and mobiles. Seesaw considered the site’s various audiences and created a strategy that would efficiently showcase NHA’s work in an engaging way.

A modular design was created which would allow a high level of flexibility to create and edit content with no fixed structure. Reusable page modules now give the site longevity, and minimise future development through a user-friendly back end which requires minimal training to maintain.

Collaboration is central to the NHA way of working, in much the same way as it is for Seesaw. We worked alongside the studio’s digital and marketing teams to best understand user behaviour before developing our UX, wireframing, content strategy and front-end design.

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