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Seesaw +

Lanbruk draws on the unique qualities of the surrounding area. The people, the culture – the authentic local character.


Sector — Hospitality
Work  — Strategy, Identity, Art Direction, Print, Illustration, Digital, Environmental
Words  — Letterform
Illustration  — Seesaw
Photography  — Alex Reinders


Brand Essence

Creativity. Culture. Community. We’re inspired by the character of each location, and although we draw reference from the local vernacular we pride ourselves on individuality, inclusivity and respect.

Lanbruk provides guests with an affordable, boutique apartment hotel offering which marries refined design aesthetics with the convenience of outstanding on-site amenity and management services.

Developed by Citiplan, a company inspired by the unique character and fabric of our city. A family business with a focus on respect, tradition and reputation, they embrace intelligence and creativity to create their unique take on affordable luxury.

Lanbruk challenges perceptions of an apartment hotel. How do you make something the opposite of generic? You look to what makes it unique. Lanbruk looks to the qualities of the surrounding area. The people, the culture – the authentic local character. But it’s not all Melbourne style. There’s substance here. A definite purpose. To deliver affordable luxury with care, craft and consideration.

The key objective for Seesaw was to clearly position the brand in a competitive market through unique storytelling and captivating experiences for a discerning and diverse clientele. Drawing from the local vernacular, we crafted a brand which was integrated and experiential; tactile and sensory; warm and welcoming; inspirational and dynamic. Like the area, and the hotel itself, the Lanbruk brand is also constantly evolving and redefining itself.

The Lanbruk identity is dynamic, considered and simple, allowing the location to shine. The Richmond Hill location is the hero, using typography reflective of local neon signs and urban landmarks. This bold typography featured across print, environmental and corporate applications.

Printed collateral was crafted for corporate, operations and marketing purposes. The resulting items were dynamic and expressive, once again blending the exciting Richmond location with the overarching Lanbruk brand.

A comprehensive interior and exterior signage schedule was designed which included rooftop signage, entry signage, environmental graphics, room numbering system and general way-finding. Signage was created in context of the Zunica interiors and like the build itself, was perfectly crafted and considered.

Seesaw crafted a responsive website for Lanbruk that facilitated booking while also showcasing the best of the local area.

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