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Repositioning a furniture and homewares brand that combines luxury with family. Jardan is made for life.


Sector — Retail
Work  — Strategy, Identity, Art Direction, Print, Packaging, Digital, Environmental
ArchitectureIF Architecture
PhotographyJames Geer, Sean Fennessy
WordsStudio Anon


Brand Essence

Made to last. A lifetime and more. Enduring beyond trends and fashion. Surviving family life. Timelessly contemporary. Stylish and robust. Taking as little as possible from the environment. And giving lasting comfort and enduring quality to everyday life.

Jardan is a family-owned Melbourne based furniture and homewares business that competes with the world’s best designer brands. Across our long association with Jardan we developed a strategy which encapsulated its unique core values, and then delivered upon that strategy across multiple touch-points.

From a complete showroom fitout to an e-commence website and right down to the labels on every product, this brand reflects the care and craft of the brand in every detail.

Following the successful rollout of the flagship Melbourne store, we crafted external signage and internal wayfinding for Jardan’s stores in Sydney and Brisbane.

The Jardan brand is much more than the final product or the in-store experience. It’s the small moments as much as the big gestures, which is why we collaborated closely on the packaging for many of the signature products.

With a large international loyalty base, Jardan’s publications are a key tool for communicating new products while showing a consistently high level of craft and quality.

In 2015, we created a fresh digital platform with full e-commerce functionality, designed from extensive user research and a UI and UX strategy.

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