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Seesaw +

A layered approach to luxury.


Sector — Property
Work  — Identity, Art Direction, Print, Photography, Illustration
Photography — Alex Reinders, Larry Vila Pouca
 — Bren Luke
Copywriting — How Communications
3D Visualisation — Mr. P
Film — Michael Mouritz

Hurstmon occupies a place that has, over time, captured the essence of lives lived well.

Seesaw continued its partnership with the progressive developer Landream on Hurstmon, a collection of premium residences crafted for Malvern East. From the very beginning, this project involved deep collaboration between Landream and ourselves, the architects at Telha Clarke, and the landscape architects at Eckersley.

The brand we developed reflects the layered approach of the building design from the outside in, while the colour palette reflects its earthy tones: clay in the columns, green in the kitchen, and stone in the finishes.

The collaborative approach to this project included working with Articolo to craft a custom light piece for the building’s entrance.

The motif of layering was applied to all printed collateral. Brochures featured three covers cut to different sizes. The three chapters inside also comprised different sizes and stocks.

The agent kits were produced as a hardcover book to sit within a leatherbound folder. When the first book is removed, it reveals the next, which is slightly smaller and recessed into the box.

A local’s view of Malvern East.
For the area photography, we wanted to show a true local’s view of Malvern East, rather than shoot standard landmarks. The photography was also intentionally close and meditative, reflecting the project’s focus on authentic materials.

We engaged illustrator Bren Luke to create a suite of images which are detailed, focused and contemplative. Bren’s style was a perfect fit, and is unlike the typical approach seen in today’s property marketing.

As with the printed collateral, the website took on a layered approach. A custom map module was developed to allow the user to explore local highlights.

To see further examples of our work in the property space, get in touch.