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Footscray High School

Eyes cast forward, shoulder to shoulder, we are learning to make a new tomorrow, together.


Sector — Education
Work  — Strategy, Identity, Community Engagement, Research, Naming, Art Direction, Print, Uniform Consultation


Brand Values


Footscray High is a new secondary school, established by the Victorian School Building Authority to accommodate growing student numbers in Melbourne’s west. The school is also part of The Footscray Learning Precinct. A precinct built on the richness and diversity of the community, it will provide seamless transition from early learning to adult education, making education more accessible for the Footscray community than ever before.

As the proposed school would bring together a number of existing schools, and create new campuses, we engaged in extensive community research and engagement. From this, it was clear that Footscray High would be more than a place to learn – the people of Footscray already had a sense of ownership and pride about their new school, and were invested heavily in its success.

Working closely with Executive Principal Frank Vetere, we developed a comprehensive strategy including four values which would guide not only our creative, but would be embraced by the school as guiding principles for all students and staff. The positioning line, “Tomorrow. Together” similarly became a rallying cry for the schools, as it spoke to the their defining character of aspiration and collaboration.

Footscray High is three schools coming together to form confident, capable and creative individuals. For the new identity, we drew from pride of place. Footscray in its eclectic glory remains the hero, so the brand was formed around a strong F logomark that was designed to show three schools coming together to form a unified future. A brand and school that is future ready.

The brand was designed to evolve across touch-points. Student facing brand expressions are eclectic, dynamic and creative and inspired by the diverse Footscray community. An urban school like no other.  The result is a brand that feels aligned with the student demographic while still considered and sophisticated.

Since launching, the school has been embraced by the community. The brand likewise has been embraced by the students and staff and is now seen on signage, uniforms, social feeds and integrated within the new campuses.

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