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Seesaw +
Elizabeth Blackburn

Elizabeth Blackburn Sciences.
This is where science lives.
A science-based brand for a pioneering school.


Sector — Education
Work  — Strategy, Identity, Art Direction, Print, Digital
PhotographyTatjana Plitt
WordsStudio Anon


Brand Essence

Elizabeth Blackburn is the first and only Australian woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize.

Elizabeth Blackburn Sciences is a specialist education offering for young people in years 11 and 12 with a passion for success in science and mathematics. The school exposes students to the latest innovations and excellence in the teaching of contemporary science and mathematics in partnership with The University of Melbourne and Bio21.

Seesaw was approached to design a campaign which would help differentiate the Elizabeth Blackburn Sciences offering from its parent school, University High. This led to the development of an entirely new brand.

Brand Identity
The new brand identity refined the letterforms of E and B down to essential elements, and paid homage to the Elizabeth Blackburn herself and her work on ‘Telomerase’ DNA. The colour palette worked has a natural extension of the existing University High School brand.

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