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Seesaw +

A community-based brand
designed to grow organically.


Sector — Community
Work  — Strategy, Identity, Illustration
Collateral  — CERES communications team
Words  — Letterform


Brand Essence

CERES is where our hearts, minds and hands are engaged with a common purpose. We are a community connected and inspired by the natural quality of the land and the potential of what we can achieve together.

Each year, Seesaw devotes studio resources to a project for organisations making a positive contribution to our community. We call it our Design For Good program, and in 2018, we were proud to use this program for the benefit of CERES, one of Melbourne’s most loved institutions.

CERES is a not-for-profit sustainability centre located on 4.5 hectares on the Merri Creek in East Brunswick. Its dedicated people run extensive environmental education programs, urban agriculture projects, green technology demonstrations and a number of social enterprises including a market, grocery, café and much more.

Over its long lifetime, these services, projects and programs had developed a disparate range of logos, colours and typefaces. Our approach was to create a cohesive identity and brand architecture which could be easily adapted internally.

The master-brand references the duality of CERES itself – an organic parkland in an urban setting. The wordmark has been designed to evolve, just as a garden grows over time, while the colour palette nods to the greenery of the riverbank location.

Brand hierarchy 
The sub-brands were developed alongside a range of guidelines which would help the CERES communications team when new services come to fruition. Above all, we saw our role as helping the organisation bring order to its brand while still allowing for its defining quality of many identities to flourish.

A modular illustration set based on the beloved CERES chicken was crafted utilising simple shapes and forms for easy internal use across platforms and touch-points.

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