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Anita McArthur



“The public expectations of your company have never been greater… Every company must not only deliver financial performance, but also show how it makes a positive contribution to society. Without a sense of purpose, no company, either public or private, can achieve its full potential.”

— Accenture


What a time, hey? As we sit in our homes, communicating through screens, it’s clear what is important. The things we miss and those we took for granted.

For me, it’s connection. I miss the glorious chaos of the studio. The grinding of the coffee machine, the themed playlists, the dogs barking, the huge laughs and endless banter, that warm afternoon light that would stream into the boardroom. Most of all, I miss the creative collaboration. We often laugh that Seesaw is like one big dysfunctional family. I miss that family. It’s not quite the same staring at them through a questionable internet connection.

Maybe that sums up the world pre-pandemic? One big dodgy internet connection. Insincere customer service. No clarity. Glossy deals that rarely deliver. Fleeting moments of amazing connection. Many more moments of pure and utter frustration.

So, what happens when we reboot the router? What are we going to learn from all of this? How can we do what we do better? How should brands connect? What will business and consumer culture look like on the other side? What will be the new normal?

During this time, friends left loaves of sourdough on my doorstep, neighbours became my daughter’s penpals and children drew chalk rainbows on the footpath. This is a stronger sense of community. A focus on authentic connection. Where purpose and passion meet profit. Emotionally intelligent business.

As a purpose-driven practice, we choose to align with values-led clients. Through authentic storytelling, we help businesses define who they are, why they exist, what their role is in the world, and how they can make a positive impact while finding greater relevance with their audience. It’s just smart business.

We believe that purpose should sit firmly at the centre of a brand’s vision and should inform every decision, both internally and externally. Because when you know your purpose, you don’t just know what you do (say it with me) but why you do it. It’s about moving the conversation from “here’s something you want” to “here’s something we believe in”.

At Seesaw, we’ve always believed in helping each other. After all, that’s what a seesaw does — it lifts the other person up.

Let’s support each other through this time of flux. Let’s embrace this paradigm shift and allow it to make us stronger. Let’s learn to do better business, with more purpose. More aligned. Together.


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