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Kimberley Cook



When Seesaw started back in 2005, I don’t think we foresaw how much the concept of balancing process and passion would be part of our everyday.


The original balance of the “seesaw”, was the balance of two Creative Directors. That’s always been a strength, but the balance quickly became, and has remained since, a balance of process and passion.

Creative often seems like a foreign concept to the business-minded client, and I won’t lie, sometimes it seems foreign to me too. I’ve always been the process person, mixing potions of spreadsheets and graphs, forecasting, planning and streamlining workflows. Meanwhile, our creative team spend their days making magic. They are the passion.

Where is the connect? It’s in every single outcome. It is truly unique, hard-fought on both sides, but always with the client as the winner.

Seesaw looks at creative through a business lens. We dissect, we refine, we argue. We believe that nothing is for a nil purpose. Every decision, every word in a strategy, every pixel on a screen, every colour in a palette is considered to take our client from where they are now, to where they want to go. It’s a journey, but not one without a point.

We are a service-based industry. We sell time, but not really. We sell thought; we sell ideas. It’s not always easy to sell the intangible. Some of our clients are similar, and some sell products, but all understand business. Dollar in, dollar out. We all ask, what is the purpose, why are we doing this, and what is the benefit?

We work for our clients as we work for ourselves, with structure, with planning, with process, and with a very clear purpose. In the end, we deliver the magic. Creative that has direction, strategy-led and purpose-driven. Creating tangible outcomes from the intangible. It’s pretty special.


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