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Matt McKenzie



‘Where do babies come from?’ has always been an awkward question that trips parents up.


Most resort to myths and analogies to tackle it, like ‘babies are delivered by storks’ or ‘babies come out of your tummy button’ instead of using truth and going into detail to tackle the big awkward question. The answer is rather simple, but the process and journey can be rather complex.

So, ‘Where do brands come from?’ The idea may be born in a quick moment, in a lightning bolt of insight and inspiration, from a drunken idea with a friend at a bar, or it might stem from a very well planned, considered and rather personal journey.

Babies, whilst often cute, don’t really have form and meaning without great guidance, nutritious food and a warm blanket. Babies can grow into awesome, amazing humans that have the power to change the world, or they can grow into annoying entitled ‘Karens’ that won’t wear masks in public and illegally park in disabled carspaces.

Brands also have the power to truly change the world — for good, and for bad. It’s great guidance, deep values, clear vision and sheer determination that set your path. A brand is the sum total of all the impressions, ideas, images, stories, feelings, beliefs and experiences your audience associates with it, so it’s integral that your brand has an equal measure of clarity and conviction.

To take an idea and to give it form and meaning, to create a unique personality and bring a brand to life, is quite a process. A process of engagement and exploration. Of choice-making and refinement. Of asking the big questions such as “What if?” and “Why not?”

Whilst I haven’t raised a child myself, I’ve been a pretty great parent to a schnuggle of schnauzers (newly established collective noun) and a pretty experienced uncle.

As a creative director at Seesaw I have been a part of the birth and growth of many brands over the past 15 years. And over this time we have developed a process, that if followed with focused intent, will create a new, living, breathing brand that will hopefully grow into doing great things.

Seesaw is a values-based business — as we believe that values are the foundation of all great brands. We work with our clients to develop a truly unique set of values that ensure their new brand stands apart. Like a small human, these are brands to be instantly embraced. Every element of the design process that follows — both strategic and tactical — then contributes to the growth and strength of the brand.

My intent is that each brand we create will have its own unique identity, known and beloved by an ever-growing band of loyal admirers, or an extended family if you will. Each will follow its own distinctive path. Yet all will arrive there by taking a carefully considered strategic and creative journey. We aim to create brands of enduring value to the world.


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