Dr Morse - Branding

Dr Morse

Sometimes the writing is already, quite literally, on the wall.

When our client wanted to launch a corner restaurant and bar under the Victoria Park railway bridge, the name and brand were waiting for us under years of black render: “Dr. Morse: Indian Root Pills cure-all.”

Legend has it that in the distant past a Native American cured Dr. Morse of his ills and the good doctor went on to hawk his secret ingredient.

We couldn’t help but run with this story, horse, spear and wild bear at the ready, to help Dr. Morse cure today’s pressing ailments of hunger and thirst.

While waiting for council approval, we helped create a sub-brand to fill the gap: “Jr. Morse, the Jack Russell of take away”, serving great coffee and tasty eats on the go.

It’s now the go-to spot for “thoroughfare remedies”, a daily cure-all for people on the run.


Work completed: brand identity, branding guide, stationery, signage, menu systems, illustration, packaging.


Location images courtesy of Ben Capp

Dr Morse Brand
Dr Morse - Stationary
Dr Morse - Coffee
Dr Morse - Coffee Stand
Dr Morse - Coffee Stand
Dr Morse - Coffee Stand
Dr Morse - Coffee Stand
Dr Morse - Menu